First day of spring (so maybe a few days early but it certainly felt like spring!) and I’m back out working on the Airstream. Finally learned how to “caulk” right…Almost 60 years old and I can “caulk”….I was going to call our friend Steve the Painter and brag to him about my caulking ability but when I started to have the conversation in my head it really didn’t sound right. I was referring to caulking the cabinet doors on the Airstream of course. I couldn’t sleep last night so watched a YouTube video on how to fix the edges so they look more finished. Then I had problems with the caulking gun…..thank goodness for sons!! Didn’t watch a video on that. Called my youngest son who lives in Hawaii and he was shocked I didn’t know how a caulking gun worked. I did – it didn’t. However it wasn’t the gun. It was the caulking – dear hubby gave me a tube of caulking that had been opened for over a year!! Poor guy – he was late for his doctor appointment at the VA clinic so I know he didn’t mean it…..yeah right!!!

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